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When people start to lose their sight, it’s vital they’re not alone

People who have been given a sight-loss diagnosis need support to navigate this difficult journey from other blind and partially sighted people who understand what they're going through.

Donate to our Still Me appeal and you could help the RNIB Sight-Loss Counselling Team give more people with a sight-loss diagnosis the support they need.

Perm's story

Perm was 35 when, at a routine eye check, she received her sight loss diagnosis; she struggled to accept her situation for years. Perm felt isolated and alone after getting little help at the point of diagnosis.

“When I was first diagnosed with sight loss, I was devastated and wasn’t sure what it meant for me long-term.

I didn’t accept it – I thought this can’t be happening. Not me. Not now.

The shock was overwhelming.

But I was just told to get on with it. I was pushed out the door.”

Perm was in denial about her diagnosis at first - knowing that it might be a few years before the condition really started to change her life. Eventually, some years later, her sight began to deteriorate, and she was forced to give up driving. After losing such a key part of her independence, she hit rock bottom.

“I wasn’t leaving the house, I was having panic attacks, I felt like I was losing my identity… I was in a dark place.”

“I hit rock bottom and had to do something… when I picked up the phone, somebody on the other end said 'we're here to help' and that's all I needed. They helped me realise that I’m still me."


Perm knew she needed to seek help when she realised the effect her depression was having on the rest of her family.

“When I saw my father, a very proud man, crying I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to live and not let it beat me.”

Later that day, Perm saw an RNIB advert on TV and made a call.

“I took a deep breath and picked up the phone to RNIB and that’s when the rehabilitation started. Someone on the other end said: ‘we’re here to help’ and that’s all I needed. RNIB offered me a counselling service, which I started and continued for a good few sessions and it was amazing. I haven’t looked back since… they helped me realise I’m still me.”

The image shows Perm sat on a bench in a park. She is smiling whilst holding her mobile phone to her ear and talking to her counsellor.

Unfortunately, in the UK, Perm’s experience is common; many people with sight loss get a diagnosis without the help that can enable them to accept it, adapt and, ultimately, live the life they want to lead with sight loss.

By donating to the RNIB Still Me appeal today, you could help make sure our Sight Loss Counselling Team is there for many more people at the point of their sight loss diagnosis.

Perm was able to realise: “I’m still me” thanks to Sight Loss Counselling. Help us help more people with sight loss get the support they need to face the future with confidence.

Image of Perm, stood looking proudly into a mirror by her front door, holding her pink cane. She’s ready to leave the house and go outside.

About the Sight Loss Counselling service

The RNIB Sight Loss Counselling team is a group of professional telephone and online counsellors that offers emotional support for blind and partially sighted people. The service is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and is completely confidential.

Like all of our services, our Sight Loss Counselling team only exists with your support. By donating today, you could help more people like Perm get the life-changing support they need to move forward with their lives.

No matter how great or small, any gift that you’re able to give will mean so much to so many blind and partially sighted people.

RNIB sight loss counsellor taking a call