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If you have sight loss and are on low income there is financial help available for you to buy items you need to help you in your daily life.

Grants from other organisations

It’s always worthwhile approaching your local council for help. Firstly, because your local social services may be able to give you free equipment and rehabilitation training that you need in your daily life. Secondly, your local council’s welfare assistance scheme may be able to provide you with a grant.

As well as your local council, there are a number of local and national charities that have grant schemes for people with sight loss. Find out more about grants from other organisations.

Grants from RNIB

We offer grants of up to £500 for certain small items of technology to people who are registered as blind or partially sighted, on a means-tested benefit and who have been unable to get statutory funding. Read about grants from RNIB and how you can apply to us for a grant - for yourself, your child or someone you support.

Grants for music

If you are interested in a grant for music equipment, lessons, study or activities, take a look at our information about music awards and funding.

Funding for blind and partially sighted students

Find out about Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs), which are available to help students meet extra course costs they may have as a result of their sight loss, and funding for adult learners. A list of organisations offering grants to students can be found in our List of grant awarding charities for students’ factsheet: