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Fingerprint: contracted (grade 2) braille reading and writing course

Fingerprint is a widely used course designed to teach learners to touch-read and write contracted braille (grade 2) from scratch.

It may be taught or used as a self-teach course.

Fingerprint has proved to be successful with young adults and older learners. Since its publication by RNIB in 1993, over 8,000 copies have been sold in Britain and overseas.

The new revised Fingerprint pack comprises 11 volumes of braille course books. The Fingerprint instructional text must be bought separately and is available in your preferred reading format. Choose from the following:

  • Clear print (14 point font)
  • Contracted braille (grade 2)
  • Audio CD
  • Multimedia CD (contains structured Daisy audio and plain text files)

Emotional support

It's common to experience strong feelings about sight loss and there will probably be times when you wish you had some emotional support. If you need someone who understands sight loss, we’re here for you.