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Starting university

Information on making the most of university life for young blind and partially sighted people

Thinking about moving on to university?

You'll need to find the right course, get clear on application processes and find out how you can negotiate the best support available – plus it's handy to know where you can get financial help.

The Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT)'s Student Support service has an online information hub to support students with vision impairment. You will find advice about courses, getting the right support, student finance and university life. You can also watch and listen to students talking about their experiences, join a network with other students and call the TPT Student Support Line for advice.

Further information and research

Information for students which used to be here in this section is now available on the TPT Student Support hub as part of the partnership project and Longitudinal Transitions research study which was conducted at the Visual Impairment Centre for Teaching and Research at Birmingham University and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, TPT and RNIB.

For this project the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) received grant funding from the Department for Education to provide specialist information, advice, support and training to improve outcomes for young people with sensory impairments. The publication of the guidance was supported through this funding.

Frequently asked questions about university

If you are thinking about going to university, you may have a number of questions you would like answers to.

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Tell us your experience

Everyone has difference experiences of higher education; some good, some more challenging and we want to hear your views. If you would like to help us support other blind and partially sighted young people who are about to make the transition into higher education, please email us at [email protected].