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Make a paper plate Christmas wreath

A paper plate Christmas wreath

Make your own paper plate Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath can be a lovely addition to your festive decorations. There are many ways to make one, using a range of materials, but this example only requires basic craft items.

What you will need:

  • Green construction (sugar) paper
  • White paper plate
  • Red tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • PVA/craft glue

How to make a paper plate Christmas wreath

Step 1

Cut out the centre of your paper plate, leaving an extra 5cm in addition to the ridged edge.

Step 2

Cut out around 30 holly shapes from your green construction paper. Aim to make each holly leaf around the same length as the width of the paper plate border. Tip: use a piece of thicker card and make a template to draw around. Glue the holly leaves onto your paper plate: these don’t have to be neat and organised, just try to cover as much of the white border as you can.

Step 3

Tear the tissue paper into strips and roll each piece into berry-sized balls – around 15 is plenty. Add a dot of craft glue and stick these around the wreath.

Step 4

Once your leaves and berries are dry, find a door, window or a place on your tree to hang your beautiful Christmas wreath.

Red and green are often associated with Christmas, but the colour contrast they provide isn’t great for someone with vision impairment. Attaching different textures like sugar paper and tissue to a defined area like the border of a paper plate makes this activity accessible and satisfying, even for a child who may not be able to distinguish the colours very well.