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Create a sparkly suncatcher

Making a suncatcher

There’s nothing more likely to keep an elf busy than making some bright Christmas decorations.

A brightly coloured suncatcher can cheer up the dullest of December days. Hang on the tree or in a window, so that the sparkly embellishments catch and reflect light into your room.

Start simply with this basic tree shape then have a go at making stars, snowmen, baubles or other festive favourites.

Making the Christmas tree suncatcher

What you’ll need

  • Green card
  • Clear contact paper
  • Shiny things! Think sequins, glitter, bits of ribbon, or even foil.
  • Scissors
  • PVA/craft glue or sticky tape
  • A ruler

Step 1

Use the ruler to draw a tall triangle shape onto your card (you’ll need the base to be at least 10cm wide). Cut this out, then cut out the middle section, leaving a border of at least 1cm – this can be tricky! Repeat with a second piece of card. Now cut out two triangles of contact paper/sticky plastic – these should be slightly bigger than the inner section of your card triangles.

Step 2

Peel back one side of the contact paper and sprinkle on the sequins, foil pieces, ribbon or other sparkly material.

Step 3

Carefully stick the two pieces of contact paper together to sandwich the decorations in the middle. Then tape or glue this onto one of the card triangles.

Step 4

Add a little glue to stick the two triangles together so that they resemble a Christmas tree shape. Your suncatcher is complete and ready to be hung up using string or ribbon.

Bright, colourful toys, or those that catch and reflect light, are often used when helping children with vision impairment develop skills such as tracking and fixing on objects.