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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) toolkit

Eating and drinking

This activity looks at your ability to eat and drink, including cutting food into pieces and conveying it to your mouth.

A woman with sight loss enjoying a hot drink at a cafe while sitting on a sofa.

You should talk about spilling food if this means you have to change your clothes after meals.

Questions relevant to sight loss

The descriptors (legal tests) are:


  1. to use an aid or appliance to be able to take nutrition; or
  2. supervision to be able to take nutrition; or
  3. assistance to be able to cut up food.

Points: 2

Top tips

When answering the questions think about:

  • What aids do you use to help you to eat? Do you use a plate guard to stop food from falling off the plate?
  • Do you need to use specifically coloured plates so that the colour contrast allows you to distinguish different food items?
  • Do you need someone to cut up your food on your behalf?
  • Do you need help finding and taking bones out of fish or meats?
  • Do you have any special cutlery?
  • Are you able to see if you have dropped food or drink onto your clothes?
  • Do you need to set your food and cutlery out in a particular layout so that you can find them using touch, for example always having your drink on the right-hand side so that you can find it?
  • Do you need someone to tell you whereabouts your food is on the plate, for example using the clock face method?

Put your answers in the section called “Extra information”.