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You said, we did

A group of three blind or partially sighted adults, one holding a white cane. These are the people who will benefit from RNIB volunteer support.

Our Volunteering team conducts regular surveys to understand more about your volunteering experience at RNIB.

These surveys are a great way for us to hear from you about what’s going well and what we could do differently to better support you and improve your experience.

The results are shared with the Volunteer Council, senior leadership team and steering committees to ensure that what you say is listened to and acted upon. Here’s what you said in our volunteer surveys, and what we’re doing to turn your feedback into action.

Supporting you

You said:

  • You would like to connect with other volunteers at RNIB.
  • You would like to access volunteer training through group learning sessions.


  • Launched Keeping in Touch sessions run by the Volunteer Council. This allows volunteers to connect and share their experiences with each other.
  • Introduced group learning sessions for essential volunteer training from March 2022.

Communicating with you

You said:

  • The communication you had with RNIB was infrequent and impersonal.
  • Communication should be improved during the recruitment process.


  • Established the Volunteering Communications Advisory Panel, who support with evaluating and changing the ways we communicate with volunteers.
  • Developed a Volunteering Recruitment Commitment, which sets out timelines for communication or contact with all volunteer applicants.

Valuing you

You said:

  • You would like to understand the impact you’re having as a volunteer.


  • Recruited an Insight Manager into the Volunteering team, with an objective of measuring and demonstrating the impact of volunteering activities at RNIB. 
  • Celebrated your volunteering stories by featuring volunteer interviews on RNIB Connect Radio in the lead up to Volunteers’ Week 2021.

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