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Find out about the different mobility rates available on the disability living allowance.

The mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance is paid at two rates – the standard rate and the enhanced rate. The PIP 2 application form asks questions about your ability to work out and follow a route to another place. You are awarded points for your answer to each question.

Points awarded in mobility

You need to score at least 8 points to be awarded the standard rate of the mobility component and at least 12 points to be awarded the enhanced rate of the mobility component.

These points can be scored in one activity or by adding together any of the points you score from any of the mobility activities. If you can answer yes to more than one question about your mobility within an activity you will be awarded the score from the question with the highest points.

Mobility checklist

When answering all the questions about mobility think about –

  • What difficulties do you have with getting around?
  • What help you need? Remember – what matters is whether you need help – not whether it is provided.
  • Do the difficulties that you have vary from day to day or throughout the day? If so, how does it vary and how often?
  • Can you plan and follow a route safely?
  • How long does it take?
  • Can you plan and follow a route to an acceptable standard? For instance – do you get lost?
  • Can you plan and follow a route as often as you need to?

If your answers to these questions are relevant to any of the mobility activities, put your answers in the sections called ‘Extra information’

Going out

This activity looks at your ability to work out and follow a route safely and reliably. It applies to you if you cannot work out where to go, follow directions or deal with unexpected changes in your journey.

View our top tips for completing the Going out section.