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Braille rules and reference books

These braille rules and reference books will help you look up forgotten or unfamiliar signs and rules.

Fingerprint braille course – reference sign book

This book is a summary of all the signs used in contracted (grade 2) braille. Beginning with the alphabet and alphabetic word signs, this book covers everything included in the Fingerprint braille learning course. This revision book is also ideal for those wishing to revise or refresh their braille skills without working through the whole Fingerprint course.

Available from our Online Shop (product code: TC21440)

The Rules of Unified English Braille

This is the definitive reference book for Unified English Braille: it includes everything from the alphabet and basic signs right through to the rules for contracted braille, symbols and accented letters, as well as an appendix listing all the UEB signs.

It is a reference book and not suitable for learning braille.

Available from our Online Shop in print (product code: TC21419P) and braille (product code: TC21419B).

Also available to download from the International Council on English Braille (ICEB)

Guidelines for Technical Material

This publication builds on the information given in ‘The Rules of Unified English Braille’, giving more detailed information and examples of how to transcribe technical material such as maths and science.

Available from our Online Shop in print (product code: TC21425P) and braille (product code: TC21425B).

Also available to download from the International Council on English Braille (ICEB)

Using UEB for Mathematics

This book is a guide to representing mathematics in UEB. Covering topics such as numbers and arithmetic signs, superscripts and subscripts, fractions and decimals, unit abbreviations, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, Greek letters, vectors and more, this book is a practical guide for those wanting to show maths in UEB. The book also includes appendices giving examples of set-out arithmetic calculations, a list of symbols and details on the use of the grade 1 indicator.

Available from our Online Shop in print (product code: TC21445) and braille (product code: TC21446)

Using UEB for Science

This document is for all those who are involved with the teaching of science to students who use braille as their main medium for communication. This document contains examples of most of the common units of measurement and chemical symbols found in the Key Stage 3, Key stage 4, and Advanced level curricula. The examples are not meant to be exhaustive but should act as a guide to solving the common problems which occur when transcribing science notation into Unified English Braille.

Major topics covered in this book are numbers and maths, unit abbreviations, chemistry, physics (including circuit diagrams) and genetics.

Available from our Online Shop in print (product code: TC21448) and braille (product code: TC21449)

World Braille Usage

Often described as "the braille bible", World Braille Usage is a compilation of braille codes for languages from around the globe.

World Braille Usage provides a summary of the braille alphabets and basic punctuation and other signs used in 133 languages across the globe. This reference book may be useful when transcribing non-English text into braille.

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Further information

If you need specific help with a particular aspect of a braille code, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling our Helpline team on 0303 123 9999.