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RNIB Certificate in Contracted (Grade 2) Unified English Braille - Exam-only option for blind and partially people

Thank you for your interest in the exam-only option of our Certificate in Unified English Braille (UEB) course.

Exam-only structure

The exam is in Unified English Braille (UEB) - not Standard English Braille (SEB).

You will be tested on your knowledge of the following:

  • the braille alphabet
  • all the contractions of Unified English Braille
  • punctuation signs
  • basic numbering and capitalisation
  • basic formatting and typeforms.

It does not cover any of the following:

  • advanced notation
  • specialist codes (eg mathematics, science, music, etc.)
  • skills in teaching braille to blind individuals.

The cost is £75.

Exam dates are available throughout the year and are to be arranged with the course tutors.

Students will be given two optional practice papers, sent out about six weeks prior to the exam, which can be sent back to the Braille Training mailbox ([email protected]) for marking and feedback. Telephone and email support is available.

An email account is required for tutor feedback, and submission of the exam files.

The exam itself consists of a transcription paper to be brailled on a computer using the supplied software, and a brailled comprehension paper which students will need to answer questions on by typing in Word, Notepad or another word processor.

The exam is three hours long (with an additional 45 minutes time allowance) and can be taken at the student's place of work/study.

Students need to be responsible for ensuring that the Perky Duck software needed to complete their exam is installed correctly, with the specified settings and page size. The software can be downloaded for free from a link which is supplied upon application.

Students will also need to find an invigilator/amanuensis to monitor their exam and to whom RNIB will send the exam papers.

The pass marks are A-E. Grades F and below are a fail, but students can pay again to retake the exam as many times as they wish.

On passing, students will be accredited with an RNIB Unified English Braille course certificate.

How to enrol

Download the application form below. All completed application forms should be emailed to [email protected]

Organisations wishing to receive an invoice should download the exam application form from this page. Please note: your application must be accompanied by an official Purchase Order number or we will not be able to accept it.

Terms and conditions

  • Applications will be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt.
  • Fees must be paid prior to the start of the course and no exam materials will be dispatched until the receipt of payment. Please refer to the application form on how to pay.
  • RNIB reserves the right to impose a charge of £75 for places cancelled after the application deadline of the exam.
  • Students are required to sit the examination within the given timeframe. Extensions will only be considered if made in writing.
  • RNIB accepts no responsibility for the free software provided, this is installed at the user's own risk. RNIB provides no technical support for this software.
  • Except in the case of fraud or personal injury resulting from an act or omission by RNIB the maximum liability of RNIB to the student shall be capped at the price you have paid for the exam and in particular RNIB shall not be liable for any indirect, economic or consequential loss the student may suffer.
  • Training materials provided are copyrighted and are for the student's personal use only.