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Screen reader videos

Some short videos demonstrating the features of different screen reader software, their benefits for blind and partially sighted people and which might work for you.


This video from developers NV Access gives a brief overview of some of the things the free screen reading software NVDA can do.

Find out more about NVDA and download the software on the NV Access website.

Microsoft Narrator

This short Microsoft video is a brief introduction to the QuickStart Guide in Microsoft Narrator, the free screen reader in Windows. The QuickStart Guide makes Narrator easier to learn and use.

Find out more about Microsoft Accessibility Features and Tools on YouTube.


This video from Freedom Scientific gives a brief overview of how to navigate the Windows 10 desktop using popular screen reader JAWS.

Find out more about JAWS from the Freedom Scientific website. See more videos about JAWS and how to use it on the Freedom Scientific YouTube channel.

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