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Life skills - travel and mobility

Information for blind and partially sighted people on travelling at home and abroad.

Travel is an essential part of everyday life, enabling you to get to work, to visit friends and family or to go shopping.

However, it can be a daunting experience if you're blind or partially sighted. Our 'Life skills - travel and mobility' pages look at everything you need to help develop your independence and mobility skills, travel on public transport and take on new adventures in the UK or abroad.

Mobility training

Suzy McDonald, Mobility Officer with Birmingham City Council, makes some suggestions about mobility training for blind and partially sighted people.

Improving your mobility

Your stories

This section is packed with lots of experiences of young people from travelling in their local area to planning a trip abroad.

Your stories: travelling independently

Anne Lewis, tells us her experiences of travel and using transport in the UK. You will find useful advice and information as well as the latest apps to help you navigate and plan your journeys.

Your stories: Travelling independently

Your stories: guide dog ownership

Ben had always wanted a guide dog. Ben tells us his experiences of applying for a guide dog and how it has increased his confidence and independence and helped him make the move to his new life as a residential student at college.

Your stories: Guide dog ownership

Your stories: travelling abroad

Many young people want to travel abroad and the number of opportunities for solo travel is increasing all the time. But what is available for young people who are blind and partially sighted?

Your stories: Travelling abroad

Your stories: getting around your local area

Life in the countryside presents different challenges to life in the city. Six young people share their outlook on getting around in their local area, and their individual solutions to the problems they encounter.

Your stories: Getting around in your local area