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Accessible In-Home Displays

Using accessible in-home displays with your smart meter can help you manage energy usage.

RNIB and smart meter display-manufacturer geo have worked with industry, including trade body Energy UK, to develop the accessible in-home display (AIHD).

An AIHD, which works together with a smart meter, allows you to understand how much energy you are using and so can help manage energy bills.

AIHDs have large, tactile buttons, a high-contrast display and a text-to-speech function. Smart meters and the AIHD are available from energy suppliers at no extra cost. 

Watch our video on how an AIHD could help you

“We know many people are worried about increasing energy bills and that the cost-of-living crisis affects blind and partially sighted people disproportionately,” says David Clarke, RNIB’s COO. “AIHDs can be used by people with sight loss to help them take control of their energy use.”

Smart meters provide accurate, rather than estimated, energy bills - making it easier to budget. Also, they send automatic meter-readings to suppliers so there is no need to worry about accessing and reading hard to reach meters. 

And, if a smart meter is in pre-pay mode, consumers can tell when they are close to using their emergency credit.

To find out more please get in touch with the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or contact your energy supplier.

Useful AIHD and smart meter information

You can find all the essential information on AIHDs, including how to get one, from your energy supplier, the key features and how to track energy usage on a smart meter with one, by visiting the Smart Energy GB web site.

We continue to work with the industry for wider rollout of accessible in-home displays and below are energy suppliers who offer the Accessible In-Home Display free to anyone who needs one:

An Accessible In-Home Display

An Accessible In Home Display

Help with the Cost of Living Crisis

If you want to know more about the help RNIB can offer with information on benefits and finance in the current cost of living crisis, please visit our page on the cost of living crisis.

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Accessible in home displays FAQs

We’ve put together some information on AIHDs and answered some questions you might have with an FAQs page.

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Accessible in home displays FAQs