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Braille books

Our library collection gives you access to more than 11,000 braille books, in a wide choice of genres for both adults and children. Whether you’re reading for learning or leisure, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in RNIB's Library, which is used by more than 1,400 blind and partially sighted people nationwide.

Image: A woman and a child reading braille.

Product information

RNIB Library is the largest in the UK for people with sight loss. It’s free to join and you can enjoy access to our range of braille books for adults and children.

  • Use our online library catalogue to browse the collection.
  • Books are delivered free of charge to your home, school or place of work, and are yours to keep, share or recycle.
  • Get help choosing books from our experienced library team.
  • Tune in to RNIB Connect Radio online or on Freeview channel 730 for more book news.

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In memoriam of Hans Cohn

Mr Hans Cohn (6 May 1923 – 28 January 2018) was a member of RNIB’s Executive Council for 30 years. He left an extremely generous donation in his Will to RNIB. The gift allowed RNIB to produce a collection of classic titles in braille, comprising some of the great works of literature. In honour of his generous gift, this collection is called the Hans Cohn collection. Find out more about Mr Cohn’s life and the titles available in the collection.

2021 Braille Library service improvements

RNIB has been the leading advocate for braille for more than 150 years. In 2021, we renewed our commitment to providing embossed braille, particularly in children’s literature.

From April 2021, our Braille Library service was improved to offer braille books produced on demand giving our readers access to a larger collection of books via home delivery. These are in A4 format, smaller and slimmer in volume so they can fit through letterboxes, making them easier to store or read on the go.

Combined with our growing collection of electronic braille library books - available on memory card and download - the upgrade represented a renewed commitment to braille literacy. Readers are offered a greater choice than ever before.

Under the improved service, braille books are freshly printed for each reader on request providing a more hygienic service, with better print and a much smaller chance of squashed dots.

Lots of readers can request the same book at the same time, which is ideal to meet library members’ shifting demand for best sellers.

This significant investment is part of RNIB’s long-term commitment to improving access to printed braille.

Members can request braille library books in the usual way via RNIB’s Helpline. Find out more in a series of FAQs about the library.