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Transcription services

Find out more about our transcription services which take print copies and transform them into accessible formats for you. Whether that's braille, large print, audio or anything else, our services aims to help remove barriers you may face when accessing written copies.

Image: Two people reading a document while sitting at a table

Personal Transcription

Whether it’s the magical place your favourite book used to take you or special memories locked in letters and journals that you can no longer read, we understand the importance and power of the written word and how difficult it can be for you to read what you want, when you want.

Life is full of print and the inability to read this can present significant barriers to leading an independent life. Our team can help with removing these barriers. They can help you to stay in touch with your local community, continue to attend social groups and activities, enjoy your favourite hobby, or widen your horizons through education and travel, by simply taking your print and converting it into a format you can read yourself.

What formats do we offer?

  • audio in human voice or digitally generated synthetic speech, on CD, Daisy CD, or as an MP3 file
  • braille
  • large and giant print
  • electronic text
  • tactile diagrams and images
  • accessible sheet music and musical scores - Modified Stave notation

What does it cost?

The service is now free but please contact us for further information.

Find out more

The Personal Transcription team at Ivybridge offer advice and guidance on the best way of providing you with what you need. Give them a call on 01752 690092 or email [email protected] and they will help you through the whole process.

If you’re based in Wales, or require transcription in Welsh, our Cardiff Transcription team can help. Contact them by calling 029 2082 8540 or emailing [email protected].