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Benefits for older people

These are the benefits that you could claim if you are over state pension age and blind or partially sighted

Attendance Allowance

If you’re a pensioner, and you have a sight problem, you may have all sorts of extra expenses. Attendance Allowance can help you with these extra costs.

Attendance Allowance
Dolly outside smiling.

Image: Dolly outside smiling.

Pension Credit

Pension Credit helps you top up your state retirement pension if you have a relatively low income. You may even get it if you have some savings and a modest retirement income, and it can be paid on top of your state retirement pension.

Pension Credit
Older man, outside, wearing sunglasses.

Image: Older man, outside, wearing sunglasses.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support are administered by your local authority and can help with the cost of rent. The amount received will depend on your circumstances. The system is slightly different for people living in Northern Ireland.

A young woman walking down the steps outside her front door using a cane and smiling.

Image: a lady walking down the steps as she leaves her house

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

It is no longer possible for adults to make a new claim for Disability Living Allowance (DLA), as this benefit has been replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP). However, many adults are still in receipt of DLA, as this benefit can continue to be paid after state pension age provided it was claimed beforehand. 

If a DLA claimant was already aged 65 or over on 08 April 2013, (20 June 2016 for people living in Northern Ireland), they can report a change to their condition and stay on DLA. If the claimant was under 65 on this date, then they will be reassessed for PIP instead of DLA.

People still in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (adults)
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Image: a man in dark glasses talks to another man.

Calculate your benefits

The benefits you’re entitled to depend on your own personal circumstances. We have an easy-to-use calculator that asks you some questions about your situation and then tells you exactly how much you may be missing out on.