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Grace Kidd - The Mysterious Box

It was a bright and sunny day and I was sitting in my granny and grandads house. “Ok Grace, we are just going into the garden to water the plants so we will be back.”

“Oh, remember don’t touch the box.” When somebody tells me not to do something it just makes me more curious!

I waited until gran and grandad had gone, after their footsteps faded away, I moved closer to the table I knew the box lay upon. As I drew closer, I began to wonder if this would be worth it.

Based on descriptions my family gave me, the box was made out of dark ebony wood and it has threads of aqua blue, dark green and silver that pulsated with a shimmering, glittering glow.

After a few more seconds, I felt the table softly bump into my knees and I knew this was the day I would solve the mysteries behind the lid of the box…

My hand inched closer and closer to the lid of the box, I stood frozen to the spot in anticipation. Suddenly, my hand came into contact with it.

Then I wrenched it open, I brought out what seemed to be a music box. It was like the box it was kept in, was also made of ebony wood with glittering, shimmering gemstones inset into its surface. With trembling hands, I opened the lid. After that, it seemed like the only thing I could see was a cascade of shimmering dancing lights.

Out of nowhere, a girl appeared, she had long dark blond hair with a fringe, and her pail blue dress had lilac iridescent butterflies flying around it.

“You have made evil penetrate every corner of this world, you see, evil had been trapped in this very music box, but in the cross fire I got trapped too!” “My name is Merria” the girl said. Suddenly, the newscasters voice boomed from the TV, “Coming live, there have been several tragedies all over the world including forest fires and volcanic eruptions!”

I began to feel scared.

“You and me are the only people who can stop it.” Merria said. And with that, she brought out a pair of gleaming wands, I looked surprised as she handed one of them to me.

“Um, I don’t know about this,” I stammered. After a moment, we both waved the wands in unison, powerful gusts of wind and puffs of purple magic blasted from the wands. They turned into tendrils that reached further and further out.

A couple of minutes later, the tendrils withdrew backwards pulling lots of black wisps that I hoped was the evil. The retreated back into the box for good.

“I have to go back to my family now,” Merria whispered, pain in her eyes.

Epilogue, it’s been a long time since my discovery, the box is locked in my basement, although I said it would be there for good, I know it isn’t over….