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RNIB Technology Partnerships

RNIB want to empower our technology partners, enabling an accessible service. Here you will find case studies and guides to help you plan inclusive technology sessions.

Our vision is that all organisations working with people with sight loss have the knowledge, confidence and skills to support blind and partially sighted customers on their journey to being online.

Our role is to empower our partners, helping them to support the technology needs of people with sight loss and enabling our partners to provide an even better service.

We want to do this by working together, as one team. We're keen to share the knowledge and experiences that will foster an open approach to partnership.

Here you will find examples of some of the successful partnerships we have built across the UK. These case studies show how we can support any organisation or group which wants to help its customers with sight loss to understand what technology can do. We can provide training and guidance, updates about new developments, put you in touch with skilled technology volunteers to attend demonstrations and we're there for advice when you want a little back-up.

Read about Technology for Life's successful partnerships

If you are part of an organisation or group who are planning to deliver technology training for blind or partially sighted people we have created some guides to help you plan an Introduction to Technology training session and deliver structured technology support for your blind and partially sighted clients.

Setting up and planning a technology session

We have created a useful guide to help you plan and deliver a successful technology demonstration session.

There are lots of tips and hints in this toolkit - from getting started, assigning roles, choosing hardware and communicating with customers through to follow up and evaluation. There are also links to other websites that you can visit to learn more, and information about where you can go to get templates and documents that will help your planning.

Download the guide: Organising an accessible technology event

Running an introduction to technology session

An introduction to technology session is a great way to introduce your clients to the different types of devices available and raise awareness of how technology can help them access the information they want and need.

With our easy to follow guide you and your clients can relax and have fun at a session which covers all the basics. This guide will give an outline of how to run a session and what topics to cover. It details some of the resources you will need to help blind and partially sighted people get started with using essential technology.

Download the guide: Running an introduction to technology training session

More information

If you are a blind or partially sighted person who would like to know where you can find technology training sessions taking place near you, visit our Sightline Directory. Enter your postcode to find the contact details for local societies, groups and organisations nearby.

The Technology for Life team has representatives all across the UK. To speak to your local Technology for Life Coordinator please contact 0303 123 9999 or email [email protected]

Advice you can trust

Our Advisers receive specialist training on topics related to living with sight loss, and many have personal experience of sight loss themselves.

Advisers are accredited with the Advice Quality Standard, an independent accreditation for organisations giving advice to the general public.

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