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Face-to-face fundraising

Face-to-face fundraising is one of the most cost-effective ways of inspiring more people to support us regularly.

Our professionally trained fundraisers talk to people at private sites, such as shopping centres or visit people at their homes in selected areas across the country. They ask people to support us with a regular gift via direct debit or to sign up to a direct debit to play our weekly lottery. Our face-to-face fundraisers are different to our charity store collections teams who collect cash outside supermarkets and in train stations.

Regular giving is immensely important to RNIB. Right now, we can only reach one in three blind and partially sighted people in the UK. Through regular giving we can help more people who need us. Find out about some of the other ways we raise money.

How can I recognise an RNIB fundraiser?

Our fundraisers wear an ID badge, with their name and charity number clearly visible. They will carry RNIB branded literature.

Registered charity numbers:

  • RNIB registered charity number is 226227 (England and Wales)
  • RNIB registered charity number in Scotland is SC039316
  • RNIB registered charity number in the Isle of Man is 1226

Who helps us fundraise?

We work closely with a number of agencies to help with our fundraising. We make sure all of our fundraisers meet high standards. This includes the regulations and codes of conduct as set out by the Fundraising Regulator and Institute of Fundraising.

Read about our fundraising promise.

When do we fundraise?

Our fundraisers are licensed to fundraise seven days a week between 10am and 9pm. For door-to-door fundraising they are most likely to call after 1.30pm and before 9pm. Private site fundraising is done between 10am and 6pm (dependent on the private sites opening hours).

Where do we fundraise?

Our fundraisers work all over the UK, all year round. To find out if fundraisers are in your area, please consult the lists below detailing where our fundraisers are going to be:

These rotas list the residential postcodes which our fundraisers will be working around the UK. Please be aware we also have fundraiser activity in selected private sites.


We welcome feedback from the general public and take any complaint about our Fundraising very seriously. If you have any feedback, please get in touch. If this is a complaint it will help any investigations if you can include:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Your name and address (including postcode)
  • Your telephone number or email address, so that we can contact you.

Any more details, such as the fundraiser’s name and ID number, would also be helpful.

To give any feedback, please call our Fundraising Enquiry Line on 0303 123 9999 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm). Or email [email protected]