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Benefits of volunteering with us

By volunteering at RNIB, you'll be making a huge difference. Experience volunteering benefits like meeting new people, sharing and developing your skills, and becoming part of the RNIB community.

Three people standing together in a park. One is holding a white cane.

What’s On in Volunteering?

Your dedication and commitment to volunteering is vital to RNIB and we want to ensure your volunteering experience is as rewarding and engaging as possible. We are excited to share with you the range of opportunities that can support and enhance the volunteering journey at RNIB.

Click below to access our document which details the range of engagement activities and resources which are available to our volunteers.

Develop new skills

One of the benefits of volunteering with RNIB is that we offer training and support for all our volunteering roles. Some roles may need good communication or administration skills, while others may need technical experience and knowledge. Whatever your interest, volunteering with RNIB gives you the opportunity to gain new skills, develop your abilities and share your strengths.

Increase your work experience and add to your CV

Volunteering is a great way to gain skills to help you find employment. When you sign up to volunteer with us, we will chat with you about what benefits you would like to gain from volunteering. We will then help you to find ways to develop new skills to enhance your CV.

I would not have been accepted onto my CBT Diploma or counsellor placements without my volunteering experience with RNIB.

Jo Richardson, RNIB Connect Volunteer, Scotland

Make a difference to people's lives

No matter what volunteering role you choose, you will be having a direct impact on helping blind and partially sighted people to live the lives they want... and that is simply amazing.

I supported someone whose sight had started to deteriorate so she couldn't use her computer. She came in to have a demo of ZoomText and she realised she could still work. What I do helps people to have hope and build up their confidence.

Declan Rattray, Technology Volunteer

Build your confidence

Volunteering with us can help you build your confidence. Benefit from meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, taking on new challenges and developing your skills. 

I have learned to not be afraid of interacting with blind and partially sighted people in case I say or do the wrong thing!

Lisa Finnikin, Counselling Volunteer

Become part of #TeamRNIB

By volunteering for RNIB, you will be become part of #TeamRNIB. We are a community who all share the same goal; to remove the barriers faced by blind and partially sighted people. 

We can discuss how to offer you tailored support, including sending you information in different formats when you sign up to volunteer with us.

Get in touch

If you would like to speak to a member of the volunteering team you can email [email protected] or call the team on 0303 123 9999 (option 4, then option 2).