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Create a kindness calendar

A kindness calendar

A wall calendar can be used to remind children of kind acts they can do over the festive period.

What you will need:

  • A large sheet of card
  • Miniature envelopes – one for each day’s task

How to make a kindness calendar

Step 1

Add numbers to the triangular flap on the back of each envelope for every day leading up to Christmas, or the days you have chosen. Glue or staple each envelope to the card, leaving the open side facing outwards.

Step 2

Mount the calendar in a place where your child can reach the individual envelopes independently.

Step 3

Encourage your child to think of different acts of kindness, write these down and place in the envelopes, one for each day.

Some examples of acts of kindness:

  • Give a hug
  • Let someone go first
  • Donate a toy to charity
  • Say thank you
  • Send a card to a friend
  • Smile
  • Help out at home
  • Set some food out for the birds
  • Make a card for someone special
  • Give words of encouragement

Each day invite your child to identify the number for that day and remind them of the act of kindness they chose.

Children can be encouraged to show kindness and compassion all year round, but Christmas is a great time to reinforce these values. This activity could easily be adapted for a child with vision impairment, by using braille or tactile features to number each of the envelopes.