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Work-based assessments

A formal work-based assessment can be paid for by an employer and involves a consultation with one of our employment specialists. They will recommend equipment, software and adjustments that can better help an employee with sight loss in their work.

If an employer or individual has a particular question about support in the workplace, our Helpline or Sight Loss Advisers can usually answer this right away. Sometimes, we need to work with individuals and their employers for a longer period, and our specialist employment advisors can provide further advice. Additionally, some employers ask us to arrange a work-based assessment.

What is a work-based assessment?

A work-based assessment is an unbiased assessment acting upon referral from employer or occupational health provider. It includes:

  • guidance on the installation and configuration of assistive technology
  • advice on reasonable adjustments
  • a report detailing recommendations.

While most of the employment advice you get from RNIB is delivered without charge, work-based assessments involve a considerable time commitment, including arranging the assessment, carrying it out and compiling a report that is quality controlled. This means we charge a service fee for any work-based assessment.

As part of the assessment specialists may consider:

  • the environment - simple adjustments you could make to your work offices and surroundings to make them more accessible
  • equipment - providing modified equipment and access technologies such as magnification software, or screen reading software
  • training - specialist training for the person with sight loss, or for other members of staff working with them
  • systems - who to talk to about making work-related systems more accessible.

Commission a work-based assessment

We have a wealth of experience in providing assessments specifically for people with sight loss.

Assessments are usually commissioned by an employer on behalf of an employee who is blind or partially sighted. These assessments may be appropriate if you:

  • want to improve the accessibility of your work environment for employees who are blind or partially sighted
  • want to make adjustments for existing staff facing operational barriers at work, in order to help them retain their job

Before commissioning a work-based assessment, please talk to us. Contact our Helpline. We may be able to help you without the need for any formal assessment, but if you do want to request a formal assessment, we'll talk you through how that might work.