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Computers and laptops

A range of guides on how to make using a computer more accessible for blind and partially sighted people

In this section

Computer accessibility

Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS operating systems have built-in accessibility that can be found on computers. Here RNIB consider built-in computer accessibility.

Screen magnification

A basic RNIB guide to what desktop, phone and tablet screen magnification is and how it is used by people with sight loss.

Screen magnifier videos

Three RNIB selected videos about different screen magnification software and its functions, demonstrating why and how screen magnifiers might help people with sight loss.

Screen reading software

Read RNIB's guide to screen reading software and how it's used by blind and partially sighted people, including information on grants for screen readers and tips for setting them up.

Screen reader videos

Some short videos demonstrating the features of different screen reader software, their benefits for blind and partially sighted people and which might work for you.