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Planning your holiday

Thoroughly planning a holiday before you go will help give you peace of mind and reduce the chances of something happening which might spoil your time.

Before you go on holiday

When booking your holiday, make sure you note all your accessibility requirements on your booking, for example if you need travel support or a particular hotel room. If you are going on holiday in the UK, the UK tourist boards and Visit Britain will be able to give you details of tourist centres at your destination which can provide more information on the accessibility of the area or local specialist services.

If you are travelling on public transport in the UK, call the operator's travel support service before your trip to plan any accessibility arrangements.

Make sure you also have any necessary products or aids which will help you maintain your independence in unfamiliar surroundings. For example, products to manage your money, keep your valuables and passport safe, or portable low vision aids for finding directions.

If you will need a guide or escort while away, organise it in good time before you go. Specialist travel providers will include guides as part of their service.