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Staying in work checklist

Follow the steps in our staying in work checklist to help you stay in work if you experience changes to your sight or working conditions.

We’ve put together a checklist to help you decide what steps you’d like to take in work if you experience changes to your sight or working conditions.

What would you like to happen?

What do you see as the full range of future options? These could include staying in your current job, moving part-time, starting a new job with a new employer, retraining or medical retirement. It is worth remembering that your employer has a duty to try to retain staff if they know about your disability.

What does your current job involve?

Write down a list of all the tasks you do in your current job and identify those task that you may have difficulty carrying out. Think about whether you could carry out those tasks if you had assistance and try completing the sentence "I could do this in my present circumstances provided that…”. Is there anything not required in your present job that you feel you could offer? For example something you do at home or other tasks at work.

Talking to your employer

Now that you have an idea of what you would like to happen and which tasks you’ll need assistance with you’re ready to talk to your employer. When meeting with your employer you may wish to cover the following topics:

  • aspects of your work that you are having difficulty with
  • any ideas you have about how these difficulties could be overcome
  • aspects of your work that you can do well, and any that you particularly enjoy
  • any changes that you would like to make.

Changes could include where you work, when you work or how you work. They could also include doing a different type of work, drawing on your existing interests, skills and experience.

If you and your employer reach an agreement that satisfies everybody, you will probably not need further support. However, it is likely that this meeting will be the beginning of a process involving Access to Work and an external employment adviser.

If you need support or advice about staying in work you can call our helpline on 0303 123 9999 or email at [email protected]. You can also download our staying in work factsheet.