Introducing the Orbit Reader 20

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Thursday, 27 September 2018
Two hands using the Orbit Reader 20

RNIB are proud to announce the launch of the revolutionary refreshable braille display, Orbit Reader 20 for the first time in the UK.  Produced in conjunction with the Transforming Braille Group, of which RNIB is a member, the innovative product has been created for blind people and offers an easy way to read books and note-taking at an affordable price.

The Orbit Reader 20 is portable and features 20 refreshable eight-dot braille cells. It offers reading books via SD card, simple note-taking, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

As a stand-alone device, you can read content stored on an SD card that simply inserts into the back of the unit. Prepare and download your pre-translated materials as brf, brl or txt files and transfer them to the SD card provided. Use any braille code, in any language and of any genre including music, maths, or your favourite book.

The Orbit Reader 20 from RNIB comes with pre-installed content, including a variety of books and a dictionary.

Use Bluetooth to connect to your Apple, Android or Kindle device and access a world of books through reading apps such as Kindle®, Adobe Digital Editions® or iBooks®. The translation into braille is performed by your device's screen reader to give you a quick braille output on your Orbit Reader 20.


  • 20 refreshable eight-dot braille cells; pins represent any six or eight-dot braille code.
  • Eight braille input keys and space bar and two panning control bars.
  • Five-way arrow and select control keys; navigation commands let you easily move around books and magazines.
  • SD card; pre-installed with a selection of books and a dictionary when purchased from RNIB.
  • Reads content of files on an SD card for stand-alone operation.
  • Prepare and download your pre-translated materials as brf, brl or txt files and transfer them to the SD card provided.
  • Use any braille code, in any language and of any genre including music, maths, or your favourite book.
  • Connects to computers and portable devices via USB or Bluetooth for use with a screen reader.
  • Simple note-taking capability.
  • Micro-B USB charging/communication port

"RNIB are very excited to announce the launch of the Orbit Reader 20 across the UK on the 8th of October. We want to show our commitment to braille and celebrate national braille week with the release of this revolutionary device. The Orbit Reader is the first of its kind, combining the features of a braille reader, simple notetaker, and braille display at an affordable price. We’re proud to have played a part in the development of this new and game-changing generation of products." - Claire Maxwell, RNIB Senior Product Developer.

Watch this video to find out how Claire uses the Orbit Reader 20 in her daily life

How to buy?

To purchase the Orbit Reader 20 visit our online shop or contact our Helpline on 0303 123 9999. The Orbit Reader 20 costs £499 ex VAT / £598.80 inc VAT (includes delivery).

RNIB Connect members are able to purchase at a discounted price. Simply type in the offer code when prompted on the basket page of our online shop. If you don’t yet have the code, please contact our Helpline to order.

If you're not already an RNIB Connect member, you can sign up when you order to receive the discounted price. Simply call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

RNIB Connect brings people together (locally, regionally and nationally) with similar experiences, interests or identities to share information, knowledge and skills. You’ll receive support and encouragement to both organise and access local activities and events. Connect strengthens the voices of blind and partially sighted people in campaigning for change. Being an RNIB Connect member enables a deeper relationship with RNIB to influence and support what we do and how we do it.


RNIB are the exclusive distributors. of the Orbit Reader 20, to the United Kingdom and selected European Countries

For all organisations enquiries and sales, please contact the RNIB Commercial team by calling +44 (0) 1733 37 51 53 or email [email protected]


Children and young people 

RNIB are working with VICTA to offer a grant scheme for children and young people with sight loss which provides technology that will help them live independently. 


  • If you are registered blind or partially sighted, a UK resident and aged between eight and 29 years you could be eligible for an Orbit Reader 20 for Braille users.

For more information or to apply, visit VICTA's website.