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The RNIB See Differently Awards recognise and celebrate people and organisations who have dedicated their passion, skills and time to improving the lives of blind and partially sighted people.

Nominations for the 2022 awards are now closed and the finalists have been announced.

What you need to know

Nominations were open from 18 November 2021 until midnight 9 January 2022.

We accepted nominations from the public, blind and partially sighted people, and their friends and family. The nominee needed to demonstrate that the activity they were nominated for took place after January 2020. You and the nominee must be over 18 to be considered for an RNIB See Differently Award. Category sponsors are not eligible for entry into the same category of which they are sponsoring. RNIB employees are not eligible to be nominated.

If you nominated someone for an award, you must inform them. We may phone or email nominees who are shortlisted for further information. If a nominee is contacted by RNIB, they will be asked at the earliest opportunity if they would like to continue in the process and will be required to sign a consent form to confirm this.

Please note, RNIB can’t accept responsibility for any late or lost entries and proof of sending won’t be considered as proof of receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can nominate?

We accepted nominations from the public, blind and partially sighted people, their friends and family, and those that work in the sight loss sector. You and the nominee must be over 18 years of age to nominate someone for an RNIB See Differently award. RNIB employees are not eligible to be nominated.

How do I nominate someone?

Nonimations for RNIB See Differently Awards 2022 are now closed.

Can I nominate after the closing date?

No. We can't accept any entries for RNIB See Differently Awards 2022 received after midnight on the advertised closing date.

How are nominations shortlisted?

Nominations are first shortlisted by an internal RNIB team to achieve a list of three national finalists for each category. This list is then judged by an independent panel to select the overall winners in each category.

All nominations will be shortlisted based on what nominees have done or achieved in line with the category criteria. You may only nominate an individual once, but you may nominate as many different people as you like across the award categories.

When will you be in touch? 

Once a nomination has been submitted you should see a thank you message to confirm we’ve received your nomination.

We may get in contact with the nominee via email or by phone to clarify details of their nomination. This is to help us with the shortlisting process. Therefore, it is important to let your nominee know they have been put forward for an award!

We will use the updated nomination to support the entry and to illustrate the nominee’s achievements if they are shortlisted as a finalist. It will also be the basis of any press releases that we send to local media.

Any shortlisted nominees we contact will be given clear information about what data we have been given by the nominator including why and how it will be used going forward. All shortlisted nominees will be required to sign an RNIB media consent form to continue with the RNIB See Differently Awards process.

National finalists

Who will read my nominations and select the national finalists? 

An experienced team of RNIB staff will consider every nomination and create a shortlist of national finalists for each category. 

How many national finalists are there? 

Three national finalists will be shortlisted for each of the seven awards open for public nominations, so 21 national finalists will be announced in total. 

When will I find out if I have been selected as a national finalist? 

You will be notified in early to mid-February if you have been shortlisted.

What will I need to provide if I am shortlisted? 

  1. A signed media consent form. RNIB may wish to use, quotes, photos, and videos supplied as part of the nomination to illustrate their achievements. These may be used on RNIB’s online channels (eg websites and social media), printed publicity materials (eg posters, leaflets and flyers) and in the media.

    Please note; we will not provide any media with the nominee’s private contact details without their permission.

  2. A photo. Finalists will need to send RNIB (when requested) a high resolution (minimum 3MB) photo of themselves.

    Photos should feature the individual or team being nominated, showing no more than your waist up and everyone’s faces should be visible and clear. Team photos should be a landscape format. If you are nominating an individual you must supply a photo of them.

    The photos we receive may be shared with the media and will be displayed at the RNIB See Differently Awards event in March 2022. 

If I am shortlisted, what will you share with the media?

RNIB will send a press release about you and your achievements to the media in your local area. You will be able to see the press release in advance to approve your quote. We may ask you to take part in interviews for newspapers, radio and/or television to talk about your work and nomination.

What information will be included about me in the event programme?

If you are shortlisted as a national finalist, RNIB will include a brief summary of your work and nomination, along with photos of all national finalists, in the RNIB See Differently Awards event programme. All guests attending the awards will be given an event programme.


Who judges the overall national winners? 

The overall national winners will be selected from the shortlist by a national panel of independent judges. The full judging panel’s details are available here.

How many overall winners are there? 

Judges will select seven overall national winners. The overall winners will be selected by a judging panel from the 24 shortlisted national finalists. There will be one winner for each category. 

When will the overall winners be announced? 

Overall winners will be announced at the RNIB See Differently Awards Ceremony on 29 March 2022.

What happens if I/we win an award on the night? 

Overall winners will be invited to collect their award when it’s announced. You will have the opportunity to say a few words when accepting your award if you want to, but this is entirely up to you. If you are a team, you may wish to nominate a lead member to say a few words. 

What happens once I/we leave the stage? 

Overall winners will be led away by a member of the RNIB team to be photographed with their award. You may be asked to do some short interviews at the end of the event with RNIB staff for videos/audio that will be added to RNIB’s website, radio and social media channels.

If I am a winner, what will you share with the media?

RNIB will send a press release about you to local and sector media to celebrate your success in winning a prestigious award. A story may therefore appear in the media about your achievement. We may ask you to take part in interviews for newspapers, radio and/or television to talk about your work and nomination story.

The ceremony

Will I receive an invitation?

We will send all national finalists an invitation to the ceremony via email and you will need to complete an RSVP form online. All national finalists are expected to attend the ceremony.

When and where will the awards ceremony take place?

The RNIB See Differently Awards 2022 ceremony will take place on Tuesday 29 March 2022, at a central London location which will be announced soon. You will be invited to arrive at approximately 5pm. 

Please confirm the event timings before booking your travel.

How do I get to the ceremony? 

Public transport (train, bus and tube) details will be given with your invitation to the event. The RNIB See Differently Awards event will be held at a central London location.

What are the minimum age requirements?

The event is strictly for people over the age of 18. Please note we work under the ‘Think 25’ policy so you may be asked to show valid ID to gain entry.

How many people will be at the awards ceremony? 

There will be approximately 300 to 350 guests in attendance.

We are part of a team, how many of us can attend? 

Due to limited venue capacity, a maximum of three members of the team will be invited to attend the ceremony. We will leave it up to your team to decide who will attend.

I am an individual national finalist, can I bring a guest? 

Yes! Individual national finalists can bring one guest to attend the ceremony with them. 

What will happen at the ceremony?

There will be a professional host for the RNIB See Differently Awards ceremony along with inspiring guest speakers.

The awards ceremony is an evening event with a drinks reception, three-course dinner and post-event celebration.

Please confirm the event timings with a member of the team at [email protected] before booking your travel.

What food and drink will be served at the ceremony?

A three-course dinner will be served to all guests with meat and vegetarian options available. Please do let us know in advance if you have any additional dietary requirements and we will try our best to accommodate. Alcoholic and soft drinks will be served with the meal and during the drinks reception.

Will the awards ceremony be photographed and filmed?

There will be a professional photographer and camera operators filming and photographing the RNIB See Differently Awards ceremony.

By attending, you're granting RNIB the right to film and photograph you and to use the footage and photography produced for the promotion of the charity and its mission in all media, worldwide, in perpetuity. Photographers and camera operatives will be working in all parts of the building throughout the event. 

If you do not wish to be photographed, filmed or otherwise recorded, please remove yourself from the location they are working in during the course of the ceremony. By remaining in the vicinity of the photographers and camera operators you are giving RNIB your consent to photograph and film you. 

Covid-19 safety at the awards ceremony

The RNIB See Differently Awards aim to be as accessible and welcoming as possible and we want to support everyone attending to feel safe and comfortable. Although restrictions in England are beginning to ease, we've decided to encourage the following measures.

If you are joining us from another country within the UK, please make sure you follow your national guidelines when travelling to and from the event.

Before your visit

  • Confirm your Covid-19 status.

For the comfort and confidence of everyone, we recommend all guests and RNIB staff coming to the RNIB See Differently Awards take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of the event. You will not need to show proof of a negative result to enter the venue.

Although rules are set to change around isolation, we kindly ask that any guests who test positive do not attend the RNIB See Differently Awards. Please contact the Awards Team if you test positive by emailing [email protected].

  • Consider your travel options.

Please plan ahead, consider your travel options, and follow local guidance.

When you arrive

  • Face masks

Mask wearing in the venue is a personal choice. Please respect the decisions of fellow audience members and guests. We trust our guests to consider the comfort levels of others.

  • Hand hygiene

Please use the hand sanitiser stations that will be throughout the venue and wash your hands regularly.

  • Enhanced cleaning

The venue is professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Toilet facilities are regularly checked by the venue on-site cleaning team.

  • Ventilation

The venue is equipped with mechanical fans and ducts which introduce fresh filtered air. The height of the ceiling in the ballroom (10.3m) also allows for this air to circulate more freely.

  • Venue capacity 

We encourage guests and RNIB staff to be considerate of those around them and keep a safe distance where you can. We've decided to limit capacity at the venue and will be hosting below maximum numbers.

  • Our staff are here to help

RNIB staff will be on hand during your visit to provide guidance around the venue. If you have any questions or feedback on your experience, please don’t hesitate to chat to a member of RNIB staff.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Awards Team at [email protected]