RNIB's strategy

In 2018, alongside relaunching our brand to encourage people to “See Differently,” we launched a bold new strategy to achieve a world with no barriers to people with sight loss.

Continuing our transformation to reach the majority of the 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss, our strategy focuses us on being a catalyst for change – to the lives of people with sight loss, through equipping and enabling them to live the lives they want to; to communities, by connecting people with sight loss to each other and to wider networks; and to society, by concentrating our efforts on campaigns and relationships with those who have the power to remove barriers ‘at source.’ Underpinning our strategy is a rolling 3-year business plan, produced with the involvement of customers, which also continues our financial transformation and the re-focusing of our services to reach everyone who needs us, whenever they need us.

Download RNIB's strategy summary (PDF, 485KB)