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RNIB’s sonic identity

RNIB's sonic logo and identity helps us bring our brand to more people in different ways, including through the RNIB Helpline, our adverts, social media channels and RNIB Connect Radio, the UK's leading radio for blind and partially sighted people in the UK.

Building on RNIB's 2018 rebrand, which introduced the phrase "See differently" to millions of people across the UK, the sonic identity is the latest way RNIB has updated its image for a new era.

Our identity is a modern, yet timeless sound featuring a strong, instantly recognisable melody. Its was launched as part of RNIB Connect Radio's 2023 twentieth anniversary celebrations. The new sounds and music will form part of the station's identity.

"Our customers have helped us shape this project and we feel we are breaking new ground for our sector - while brands from a wide range of industries have created sonic logos, we are one of the first major charities to do so."

Joel Papavlasopoulos, RNIB's Brand Manager.

Blind and partially sighted people, including the musicians who played on the soundtrack and the people who provided the spoken elements of the logo were integral to its design and content.

The elements created include a sonic logo, a brand track with the same key notes, and a set of 18 radio jingles. From 6 December 2023, people will hear these elements It's been rolled out across RNB's Helpline, videos, advertising and marketing, campaigns, helping them identify RNIB's work and content.

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RNIB Connect Radio can be found online or listeners can tune in through various platforms including Freeview Channel 730, online streaming, smart speakers, or 101FM in the Glasgow region.