Taking up a hobby or activity can be incredibly relaxing and good for your wellbeing. So, during this time why not find out if you have a hidden talent or passion? 

lots of different coloured paints and paint brushes

Below is list of useful resources for either helping you get back into a hobby you love, or helping you explore creative outlets you've never tried:


Get adventurous in the kitchen with new recipes, or if cooking is completely new for you, check out our information on what equipment and set-ups can make cooking easier for people with sight loss and our tips on fuss-free cooking when you’re blind or partially sighted.

Arts and crafts

You may not realise it, but there are many talented artists out there who are blind or partially sighted - why not see if you have a hidden flare for arts and crafts? If you want to explore what’s out there, have a look at our arts and crafts information page.

RNIB Library

Nothing makes time fly like getting stuck into a good book. Our RNIB Library can give you access to thousands of free audiobooks just with the click of a button, so make sure you sign-up to our digital service.

Getting physically active

There is a very strong connection between mental health and physical health. Our friends over at British Blind Sport are running audio-led fitness sessions. They are completely free and for all abilities.


The RNIB Shop has all sorts of products that can give you hours of entertainment, from board games for the family, through to sewing equipment and puzzles. It has something to keep everyone busy.