App to detect visual loss following a stroke

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GG&C) has received funding from the Scottish Government to develop an app for the detection of visual problems in stroke survivors.  

Scientists at the Medical Devices Unit have been working with clinicians from stroke and ophthalmology departments to develop the Stroke Vision app
The app can be used during standard consultations in stroke clinics or at the patient’s bedside in a ward, for example. 
Many people who have a stroke can be left with visual problems and it is important that these are fully assessed to help the patient make the best possible recovery.  
Visual problems which are missed can severely affect the patient’s ability to participate in rehabilitation and can reduce both their rate and level of long term recovery.
The app has a number of useful features that include an initial assessment of a patient's ability to see and a visual field assessment. The results are then analysed and an illustration of the "world how the patient sees it," is produced. This is also useful for the patient's family and carers. 
The app was demonstrated at the Scottish Stroke Vision and Hearing Network conference earlier this year. It is expected to be launched for widespread use in Scotland in spring 2015.

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For more details about the app email:[email protected] 
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