Moon reading materials and resources for children, adults and independent readers.

For children

ClearVision Library offers over 14,000 print picture books adapted to include braille or Moon on clear plastic sheets, so that pictures and text are not obscured.

The books chosen are from popular fiction and non-fiction mainly and are mainly for pre-school and primary-aged children.

Their purpose is to enable blind and partially sighted children, who are learning to read through Moon, to share print books with their sighted families, classmates, teachers and friends. They are also useful for blind adults wanting to read with sighted children.

They also have a selection of Oxford Reading Tree books in Moon and a collection of hand-made tactile books. For further information please contact the ClearVision Library on telephone 020 8789 9575 or by email [email protected]

Linden Lodge School lends from their collection of simple stories suitable for teenagers and young adults; these books are produced using either heat-sensitive paper or Dotty Moon.

For further information please contact Linden Lodge School on telephone 020 8788 0107 or by email [email protected]

Moon alphabet card

The Moon alphabet card shows the embossed Moon alphabet and punctuation marks, together with the print translation. You can order  a copy of the card from our online shop or by calling 0303 123 9999. If you want multiple copies of the card there will be a small charge.