Braille labels are an excellent way of telling the difference between the cans in your kitchen cupboard, the CDs in your audio collection and the seed packets in your green house.

Products with braille labels

Increasingly there are commercially available products that are braille labelled by manufacturers but it is very easy and cheap to make your own braille labels using products available from the RNIB shop.

Home and garden

In the kitchen, small braille labels can be added to domestic appliances such as a touch control panel on a microwave. You could also use on cans and packets and include the use by date.

DVDs can be labelled with just the title or you could include actors, genre and synopsis. With a bit of time and assistance, card and board games can be adapted so that everyone can continue to enjoy playing the family favourites.

Find out ore about labelling items around the home and garden.

Outside in the shed you could label containers so that you can tell the difference between the weed killer and the plant food and flowers and vegetable plants can be labelled with their names and care instructions.

Shops using braille on packaging

Many of the Co-Op own brand goods have basic information, such as the product name, in uncontracted (grade 1) braille on their packaging.

Also, due to recent EU regulation, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly required to braille the product name and strength on the packaging of their medicines.

Other ways to label

There are all sorts of ways of labelling items around the home to help you identify them easily. We sell a range of in our online shop to help you out.