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To celebrate the launch of our Sight Loss Advice Service, we've put together a list of 75 top tips for people living with sight loss. Here is just a small taster of some of our favourite tricks and tips from members of our blind and partially sighted community:

  • Always buy the same colour socks, unless you like the odd sock look, (I do!).

  • Snipping the labels in the same way for different coloured clothes is a helpful way of knowing which, for example is a blue or black jumper.

  • If you rely on your smart phone as much as I do, invest in a good portable battery charger. You can use your phone throughout the day without being restricted by the dreaded "low battery" sign.

  • Instead of struggling to find clothes in the shops, go to shops that offer a free personal shopping service such  as Debenhams, John Lewis and Topshop.

  • You can get discounted tickets and free tickets for a "guide" for many entertainment and leisure experiences, including theatre, music gigs, festivals and the cinema. You can also speak to organisers about what position of seat will work best for you.

  • If you’re seeking employment, get involved with volunteering. This will also be helpful as it’s something recent to talk about in the application and interview process.

  • Ask for important documents in an accessible format.

  • If you are heading out to a restaurant with family or friends, and you aren’t able to read the menu, you can probably find it online. So, you can just read it before you go, or at the restaurant on your smart phone.

  • Put Bumpons on the 180 mark on your oven, most things cook at that temp and you can find any rough temp from there.

  • For some people, changing your lighting to brighter lights can be a simple solution to making your house more "you-friendly".

You can download the full PDF here - and don't forget to share your top tips with us via social media.