Dancing on Ice and RNIB simulate how Libby Clegg MBE sees

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Wednesday, 4 March 2020
This is a blurred image of the Dancing on Ice studio with a black central spot.

Dancing On Ice worked with RNIB to show their 13 million viewers how Libby Clegg MBE sees.

On Sunday 1 March, viewers tuned in to watch the semi-final of Dancing on Ice. Among the four semi-finalists battling it out for a place in the final three, was Paralympic Gold medallist, Libby Clegg MBE.

Libby has Stargardt disease, which is a form of macular degeneration. In her case, this condition means she has no central vision and her peripheral vision is blurred. In an attempt to get the general public to understand how her vision impacts her on the ice, the producers of Dancing on Ice teamed up with RNIB to create a visual simulation of what it might be like for Libby when she’s on the ice.

Libby said: “It meant a lot to me that the viewers of Dancing on Ice, who have been so supportive of me, could actually see how I see – it’s one thing telling people what your vision is like, but I don’t think people can really understand it unless they see it themselves. Although no one can truly see through my eyes, this was a great way to give the general public an idea of what my sight is like.”

Marc Powell, Strategic Accessibility Lead at RNIB said: “It was great to have the opportunity to work with the producers of Dancing on Ice to simulate what it might be like for Libby on the ice. We are continuously working to raise awareness of sight loss amongst the general public and this simulation was a great tool for giving that insight to such a large audience. Libby has done amazingly on the show and has changed a lot of perceptions.”

Sunday night was especially memorable for Libby as she received her first ten out of ten from the judges – two of them in fact! She gained her highest score of the series with 39/40. Despite this, as the competition is now so tight, she found herself in the skate-off against TV magician, Ben Hanlin. But being the true professional she is, Libby held her nerve and not only produced an amazing skate but chose this moment to do her first ever “head-banger”. The performance was enough to see her put through by the judges to the final.

Give Libby your support

Tune in to ITV on Sunday at 6pm to see Libby compete in the final of Dancing on Ice 2020. Make sure you give her your support and let’s make the first severely sight impaired contestant on the show, the first severely sight impaired winner of the show!