Shopper entering supermarket with traffic light indicator over the door

Accessing food and groceries in the UK can present a challenge, particularly if you're blind or partially sighted.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, supermarkets have asked people to shop differently and the major chains have adapted their online services to try and meet demand. These are detailed below.

But, with coronavirus cases rapidly increasing across the UK, the demand for online deliveries of food and groceries from the supermarkets is spiking once again, and you may be finding it hard to get a delivery slot. We can support blind or partially sighted people who are struggling to access food. 

Supermarkets are advising to book online delivery slots via their apps and through mobile devices where possible, however in some cases, capacity may still be reached or exceeded.

We can provide help and advice, and for people in England, and some areas of Scotland, we may be able to refer you to priority supermarket delivery slots via the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

In Northern Ireland, anyone in need of food or other essential support can phone the Helpline on: 0808 802 0020; email: [email protected], or text: ACTION to 81025.  

In Scotland, there is a National Assistance helpline for access to food and groceries.

Elsewhere, you can find information on the Sight Advice FAQ website, a resource for blind and partially sighted people supported by RNIB, there is a range of useful information on a variety of subjects including how to arrange shopping deliveries and how to get essential food supplies if you are struggling financially. We've also put together information we've found online about what different supermarkets are doing to help disabled customers.

Listed below is more key information and links to specific supermarkets detailing some of the services they offer: