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Thursday, 1 July 2021

BBC Good Food is an app which can help you decide what to cook.

It gives users a whole collection of recipes at a glance and supplies inspiration when you are fed up of serving the same dishes again and again.

With more than 10,000 tested recipes, it is the one-stop must-go place for ideas and recipes to brighten up meal time, whether you are thinking about breakfast, lunch, dinner or fabulous deserts.

Installing the App is easy. Head to Google Play store or IOS App store and download BBC Good Food.

Follow all the install prompts and allow for push notifications and messages to be displayed.

Choose a Username unique to you and register with your email address and password. You can allow for an auto password to be chosen or choose your own. It makes sense to choose your own, so you will always remember it.

When using the app, you are presented with four tabs: Home, My Good food, Search and Settings.

  • Home

This is the home page of Good Food. Every link is available from here.

You can choose your categories, search by ingredients, view your collections other people’s collections.

  • My Good Food

This is your corner of Good Food. If you’re trying to remember a wonderful dish you cooked a year ago, this is where you’ll find it. All your saved recipes are shown here and you can sort them to find them easily.

  • Search

This is a very easy tab to follow. You have a search field, and when double tapping the field with your screen reader active, you’ll have a keyboard on the screen to input your search criteria.

  • Settings

If you’d like to sign out, share content with other devices, change your e-mail or password or update your profile, this is the place to do it.

This is a fantastic app to help you find your way around cooking. You can choose how easy or difficult you’d like your recipes, and how much or how little you want to interact because, you guessed it, there’s the option to get involved via social media too.

At the time of writing, BBC Good Food is fully accessible (May 2020).


Author: Madleen Bluhm, Technology for Life co-ordinator, London

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