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Wednesday, 20 May 2020
Photo of someone's hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), which is on 21 May this year, is all about celebrating accessibility, specifically digital accessibility.

RNIB wants to share the importance of accessibility during this time, as well as show how accessibility can benefit everyone.

Accessibility is for everyone

You don’t need to have sight loss, or any other condition, to benefit from accessibility design. Through the current situation, we are all finding ourselves staring at screens more and more. Whether it’s working from home, or just surfing the internet for some entertainment, it’s important that we all make our devices work best for us individually and avoid straining our eyes or uncomfortably hunching over a screen.

So, whether it’s inverting the colours on your laptop or setting your device to a ‘zoomed’ setting, make sure you make your device work for you – not the other way around.

To find out how to change the settings for your device, you can either look on our technology resource hub, visit my computer my way or search for how to change the settings for your specific device on any search engine.

Accessible information for all

Many of you will already know RNIB has been campaigning for accessible information for all. This has included making sure information coming out on social media is accessible and securing the appointment of a national lead on accessible information.

So, as it’s GAAD, we thought we’d share with everyone our top tips for making your social media accessible. They’re all really easy to do and can make a big difference in making social media inclusive.

Join the #GAAD conversation

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