Safer Internet Day 2020

Post date: 
Friday, 7 February 2020
Safer Internet Day 2020 logo

Each year in the UK, Safer Internet Day explores a new area or theme that is important to young people. This year the organisers are exploring whether young people feel free to be themselves online.

They have lots of resources exploring how young people manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others. They’re looking at whether the internet allows young people to experiment and express themselves, or if they feel limited in who they can be online. There are quizzes, films and a map showing where you can attend an event near you

The organisers of Safer Internet Day also have lots of great Tips and Hints for parents who might be struggling to know where to start a conversation about being safe online. Listening to your child will give you the best possible idea of how you can support them. If you’re not sure where to begin, have a look at the suggested conversation starters for parents and carers.