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Tracks of My Life

An occasional show presented and produced by Toby Davey

A close up of Toby Davey, RNIB Connect Radio Producer
A close up of Toby Davey, RNIB Connect Radio Producer

What songs would be the soundtrack of your life?

In Tracks of My Life, Toby Davey takes his guest on a musical journey through some of their favourite tracks that have marked important moments in their life.

Coming up over Easter Bank Holiday Weekend Toby has a special episode of Tracks of My Life with Sir Robin Miller CBE an internationally renowned British Music Producer, Businessman, Campaigner for vulnerable people and the current Chair of disability equality charity Scope.

Robin produced and arranged the legendary 'Diamond Life' album by Sade.

In Robin's Tracks of My Life musical journey, we will hear how a year after being told he was going to lose his sight at the age of 17 Robin learnt to play every track on Joni Mitchell’s 'Ladies of the Canyon' album. Being at the back of the stage at Knebworth watching The Rolling Stones play to 60,000 people made him want to become a great music producer, musician and make records that would sell millions, which he has done.

Then to time working as an apprentice audio engineer in a recording studio in Paris where Bowie, Elton, the Grateful Dead, and the Bee gees recorded some of their classic albums.

To a visit to a refugee camp with the UN which made Robin look outwards rather than inwards, starting to get involved in charity singles, Live Aid, Oxfam and more. With Robin then finding the rewards from trying to improve other people’s situations was better, more important, and more rewarding than making records that sold millions

Tracks of My Life with Sir Robin Miller CBE will be broadcast on RNIB Connect Radio on Good Friday, 29 March at 8pm repeated Easter Saturday, 30 March at 6pm and again on Bank Holiday Easter Monday, 1 April at 8pm.