We've seen 2,600 penalty kicks taken, successful cycle rides, 26 miles on a treadmill and more, but there's still news to come from Team RNIB as it continues to take on The 2.6 Challenge.

Becca on an exercise bike in her front room

Launched last week, there's still time to join The 2.6 Challenge - a national virtual challenge event supporting RNIB and other UK charities on the original date (April 26) of the 2020 London Marathon - the world’s biggest one-day annual fundraising event, which has been postponed.

As Ian Conuel, part of Team RNIB and a London Marathon 2020 runner, says: "Should have been running my first marathon in London today but COVID-19 has postponed that until October. Instead, I completed my #TwoPointSixChallenge this morning - full marathon distance completed in a week."

Alex McDowell, head of public fundraising at RNIB, explains: "We’ve seen amazing efforts from Team RNIB and their challenges and fundraising for the 2.6 Challenge. We’ve seen 2,600 penalty shots taken, cyclists covering 26 miles and even 26 pancake flips. There’s still time though to get involved. Either with your own challenge or by donating, there’s still time to support get involved and raise vital funds to support RNIB." 

Follow Team RNIB's progress in The 2.6 Challenge

Here are just some of the challenges and committed challengers from Team RNIB:

Martin posing on his bike wearing a cycle helmet and about to embark on the challenge
  • Cycling 26 miles, running 2.6 miles, doing 260 press ups, 260 sit up and 260 squats in 26 hours. Multiple challenges by Martin Wingfield, head of brand at RNIB.

  • 2,600 penalty kicks by David Clarke, director of services at RNIB: "I am dusting off my old football boots which were retired after the 2012 Paralympics and taking 2,600 penalties over the next week. I would be immensely grateful if you could donate towards this cause. Thank you."

  • 26 miles on a treadmill by Lizzie Tovey: "Now, you’ll all think I’m mad, especially given the state of my health, but I’ve decided to take on the 2.6 challenge!

    "I’m aiming to - no I’m going to -  complete a marathon distance of 26.2 miles between my fourth and fifth chemo cycles.  I had my fourth cycle on 23 April, and my fifth cycle will be 21 days after that.  I’m doing this crazy thing to raise some funds for the RNIB, which was my chosen London Marathon charity."

  • Cycling 26km every day for 26 days by Becca McRow-Brewer, senior manager, community giving, at RNIB: "I plan to become best friends with the lovely red exercise bike I bought and promised (unsuccessfully) I would use constantly."