RNIB is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ocushield which aims to raise £10,000 for RNIB's Tech for Life service.

Ocushield, which is behind the world's first medically approved blue light filter, is supporting RNIB by making a £1 donation for every online order of its Blue Light Screen Protector through Ocushield.com. 

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Donations from Ocushield, which makes blue light screen protectors for mobile devices and PCs, will directly support our Tech for Life Service.

It hopes to raise up to £10,000 for TfL which offers specialist advice and support, helping people who have sight loss and want support to become independent, informed and confident technology users.

Dhruvin Patel, optometrist and creator of Ocushield – which has just announced its link to RNIB - said: “We’re extremely excited to support a prominent charity, such as the RNIB, through our donation initiative. We want to support the RNIB’s crucial role in creating a world where there are no barriers to people with sight loss – and we want to encourage society, communities and individuals to see differently.”

Matt Stringer, CEO of RNIB, explained how Ocushield’s support will help blind and partially sighted people: “Modern technology is a vital force in transforming the lives of blind and partially sighted people for the better. It can cover every aspect of their lives, from listening to audio books, to using screen readers and voice-enabled services on their mobiles to send messages and emails.”

Matt added: “We want more and more people with sight loss to appreciate the benefits of technology and how it can help them travel, work, connect with others, enjoy pastimes independently and much more. With Ocushield’s support, we have more help to change that. Together we can ensure more blind and partially sighted people can benefit from technology.”

Dhruvin, a qualified optometrist, developed Ocushield as part of a university competition to improve people's sleep and protect their eyes.