Dolly outside a house smiling

Talking technology is life-changing for people like Dolly. 

Dolly uses technology to help her live independently and carry-on doing things she loves, like cooking – something she treasures every day.  

Seeing AI (Artifical Intelligence) is just one of the life changing innovations we introduced Dolly to. With this app, Dolly can scan the barcodes on the food in her cupboard, so she always knows her beans from her peaches. Put simply, this software narrates the world around you – speaking text and describing visual environments as they appear in front of the camera.

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RNIB is empowering people with accessible technology

The RNIB Technology for Life team is here to find the best technology, so people with sight loss can live more independently. But all the devices in the world won’t help if you don’t feel confident using them. 

That’s why the team is also part of our dedicated Sight Loss Advice Service, able to offer support at the end of a call or online.  

Your kind gift today will help our team support people with sight-loss to stay connected, grasp opportunities and feel empowered to live independently using accessible technology.

"When you’ve got no sight, everyday problems can be a struggle. Learning how to use technology can help you in many ways, making you a lot more independent.” – Nasim 

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