We’ve made it easier for you to write or update your Will with our free, accessible and simple Will writing services, available online, at home or at a local solicitor's office. 

Some people who use one of our Will services leave a gift to RNIB. Almost a third of our work is made possible by their generosity and kindness.

Will writing online

Bequeathed's logo including the phrase make your Will for Good

Make your free Will For Good with our partner Bequeathed: a free online Will writing service. Guidance and support are available to help you progress at your own pace.

How it works

Create an account on the accessible Bequeathed website and make a start on your Will immediately with three easy steps:

  1. Complete Bequeathed's online interview
    The questions we ask help you gather all the information required to make your Will quickly. It takes approximately 20 minutes and their team is online to help.

  2. Get advice from an accredited firm
    When you've completed the interview, Bequeathed will arrange a 30 minute appointment with a legal firm. You can choose between a phone or video call, at your home or their office. The firm will discuss your situation and your wishes and confirm your Will fully caters to your needs.

  3. Sign and witness your Will
    After your appointment, the legal firm will send you your free Will. Just sign it in front of witnesses and return to the firm. They will check it has been executed correctly and securely store it for you, at no cost.

If your Will is more complicated and you need to pay for legal advice, if you wish, Bequeathed can transfer you to one of their accredited firms of solicitors. They can advise you by telephone or in person once you've agreed the fee. You're not charged for any time you spend answering the interview questions.


The website is fully accessible and Bequeathed are working towards maintaining the WCAG 2.1 AA standard. If you are blind or partially sighted, you can get a copy of your Will transcribed for free using RNIB’s secure transcription service, [email protected], to aid you with witnessing your Will once complete. 

Make your free Will For Good with Bequeathed


Will writing at home