A Womble stands next to a TV screen displaying the words "Remember a charity in your will, help the work live on"

We took part in Remember a Charity Week, from 7-13 September 2020, encouraging our supporters to find out how easy it is to leave a gift in their Will. 

We know many of you have recently been reflecting on the things that matter the most – family, friends and the causes close to your heart.

Many have also been reminded of the value of planning for the future in order to look after the things you care about most. After taking care of your family and friends, remembering to make even a small legacy gift in your Will can have a huge impact on the lives of blind and partially sighted people in future.

As part of the Week and beyond, we’re encouraging our supporters to learn more about the power of Wills with the help of everyone’s favourite family of burrow-dwellers The Wombles.

The Wombles are warmly remembered for the way they supported each other and their wider community, and for their unfailing commitment to look after the world we live in.

And what better way to leave behind a better world than though a gift in your Will, once you have taken care of your family and friends? 

Mandy Panayiotou was inspired to pass on a better world by leaving a gift to RNIB in her Will, in memory of her father Costa who struggled with his sight loss. We share her story below.

Mandy’s story - remembering the memory of her father Costa

Mandy’s dad, Costa, had glaucoma for many years. He started to develop macular degeneration in his fifties and later on in life he had two vein occlusions that left him with virtually no sight at all. Mandy describes how her dad’s life changed overnight and why she’s decided to support RNIB with a gift in her Will: 

“Before dad lost his sight so severely, he worked as a piping design engineer, a job he was very passionate about. He loved to draw and to tinker with his 1961 Mini. He was always keeping himself busy; when I moved into my new house he installed my kitchen! 

Costa and Mandy smiling and standing together in front of a pond

"He was a very positive and independent man, despite his sight loss, but when he had his second vein occlusion it basically destroyed his life. He couldn’t do the things he loved anymore. It was hard to see how much his sight loss affected him. 

"With everything going on in the world at the moment, it’s a comfort that RNIB is there to offer help and advice and support for people so they’re not alone. 

"That’s why I’ve left a gift to RNIB in my Will, in memory of my dad but also so that RNIB can carry on helping as many people as possible in the future."

Mandy says, if you can, you should consider leaving a legacy: "No matter how small a gift, anything that you can leave would be hugely appreciated and will make such a difference to RNIB’s work so please consider it!"

At RNIB, we can offer you the opportunity to have your Will written or updated for free, either at home, at a solicitor’s office or online. To reassure you, all of our Will-writing partners are following the latest government social distancing guidelines.

More than a third of all our work is funded by gifts in Wills. So, however large or a small, your gift could be life changing for someone who is blind or partially sighted.

Watch The Wombles video on Twitter and sing along.