Find a home for Sooty

Are you looking for something rewarding to do in your spare time?

Why not join RNIB’s fabulous community of volunteers who help us raise money with Sooty Boxes?

This year is extra special for Sooty as he will be turning 70! To help celebrate his birthday, RNIB is launching our ‘Find a home for Sooty’ campaign. 

We need your help finding new homes for an additional 2,018 Sooty Boxes across the UK. So if you would like to become a Sooty Box volunteer in your area, or have a Sooty Box at your business, sign up today!

The Sooty Effect

Gerry is RNIB's most committed collector and placer of Sooty Boxes, bringing in around £45,000 annually!

Find out what Gerry loves about being a Sooty Box collector by watching our film 'The Sooty Effect'.

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Being a Sooty Box collector changes lives

Since RNIB started collecting donations with Sooty Boxes, we have raised over £11.5 million.

Finding out you're losing your sight can be a big shock, and due to a lack of sight loss advisors in the UK, many people are often left to digest the information alone.

RNIB provides invaluable services for thousands of people every day. From emotional support to practical guidance, we are able to be there for all people so they can live their life with confidence. You can help us continue to be there by helping to raise money with Sooty.

If you don't want to be a Sooty Box collector but still want to help, why not put up one of these posters in your area?

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