Keira standing in front of Christmas tree looking happy

Meet 11 year old Keira - a confident young girl who loves reading, singing in her school choir and playing goalball. 

Keira was born with bilateral optic atrophy, nystagmus and high myopia. She has no sight in her left eye, but has some useable sight in her right eye from the midpoint down. Fortunately, her eye condition is stable and not likely to deteriorate. Keira may see differently, but with the support of her family and friends, teachers and RNIB, she has continued to thrive.

Kirsty, Keira's mum said: “[RNIB’s support] means that Kiera can have the same opportunities that the rest of her peers have, and with RNIB’s support and the adapted technology and everything that surrounds it, it means that she can have those opportunities and just have a normal childhood, which is all you want as a parent.”