Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) are busy supporting people living with sight loss, but they couldn't do it without your help.

The coronavirus pandemic has produced major challenges for us all, especially blind and partially sighted people. Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) are working tirelessly to help people living with sight loss; making over 4,000 calls to our most vulnerable patients, as well as being available for 60,017 incoming helpline calls.

The closing of many eye clinics during the successive lockdowns has meant ECLOs are facing a staggering amount of pressure, but they are still supporting 10,352 patients; giving advice on how to continue to get medication and food deliveries, and how to overcome the challenges of social distancing.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact society, more blind and partially sighted people will become isolated and experience medical difficulties, from missed eye clinic appointments to a lack of face-to-face advice. That's why we need your support, more than ever. 

By playing our Raise a Smile raffle, you can help ECLOs like Ceri continue to support anyone affected by sight loss during this challenging time. We will, of course, spend the money raised where the need is greatest, which means that we can continue to expand our network of support. Please help us be there for blind and partially sighted people when they need us the most.