How to claim Blind Person’s Allowance

Blind Person’s Allowance is an extra amount of tax-free allowance, find out below whether you are entitled.

What is Blind Person’s Allowance?

The Blind Person's Allowance is added to your tax-free Personal Allowance and increases the amount of income you can have each year before you start paying tax.

The Blind Person's Allowance for the tax year 2019-20 is £2,450, regardless of your age or income.

Can I claim for Blind Person’s Allowance?

You can claim Blind Person’s Allowance if you’re registered blind or if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland and are unable to work where eyesight is essential.

Claims can be backdated by up to 4 years, so if you were registered blind or severely sight impaired in 2015-16 you could benefit by up to £2,348.

How to claim the Blind Person’s Allowance

You have to claim the Blind Person's Allowance - it won’t be given automatically.

For information and for help with claiming, call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

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Can I transfer Blind Person’s Allowance?

You can transfer the Blind Person's Allowance, or the unused part of it, to your spouse or civil partner if you don't pay tax or can't use all of it. This can be done whether or not they are blind. If both you and your spouse or civil partner qualifies for Blind Person's Allowance you can claim an allowance each.