Awaken your senses

Being blind doesn’t necessarily mean living in total darkness. Did you know that 93 per cent of the people in the UK who are registered as blind or partially sighted can actually see something? 

By holding an In The Dark event you will not only be raising funds to make every day better for those living with sight loss but also be helping raise awareness of living with limited vision. You’ll have the opportunity to awaken and focus on your other senses through a fun activity without the use of sight!

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What can I do?

Use your imagination… what activity would you like to try In The Dark?

It could be anything you like - from delicious dining in the dark or wine tasting experience, to a hilarious comedy or speed dating evening. How about a holistic yoga evening focusing purely on your breathing, or even think about challenging yourself for one to 24 hours whilst in the dark – how would you get on with your everyday activities whilst unable to see?

Remember this is an experience for all the senses, except one!

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